CBD-Drug Interactions – What You Need to Know

Prescribed drugs are commonplace in modern society, and the acceptance of cannabis is on the rise. It's important to be aware of potential drug interactions with cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). What are Cannabinoids? Cannabinoids...

CBD Vs. THC – Understanding Key Differences

CBD and THC are two different compounds found in the cannabis plant family. Learn the difference between CBD vs THC. Medicinal marijuana and hemp are all the rage, but what exactly are they? Do you know the difference between CBD vs. THC? Do they both get you high?...

New to CBD? Useful Tips for First-Time Buyers

Welcome to Hemplucid. We understand that the whole CBD thing can be a bit complicated. Learning about CBD does have a learning curve. What in the world are cannabinoids? How much should I be taking? Which product is right for me? Here are some useful tips for...

CBD Energy Drink

Hemplucid takes CBD to the next level with nanotechnology. The best sports recovery drink out there with all the benefits of the whole hemp plant.

Achieving Balance – Video

Since I’ve been using the CBD oil, it’s made an absolute dramatic effect in my life. And the clients who have chosen to go and research it and get it in their lives– they’ve seen dramatic effects also.

The Benefits of Cannabis – Hippie Culture No More

Every passing day moves cannabis farther away from it troubled past. There was a day not so long ago that cannabis was associated with trouble and trouble makers. However, as our nation, and world begins to look closer at this misunderstood plant we become more aware of the amazing properties of cannabis. The world is beginning a new way of thinking about cannabis.

Athlete CBD – Improve your Grind in the Gym

The Anti-doping agency has removed Athlete CBD off their list. This means that athletes can now enjoy the full benefits that come from CBD. The gym is where an athlete transforms. Some are born with innate abilities that elevate them above all others, but most often,...

Introducing Kalki: CBD for the Active Lifestyle

Hemplucid's Kalki - THC FREE, CBD for the active lifestyle. Hemplucid announces our innovative new line of cannabidiol (CBD) products that will change the way you exercise and enhance your day-to-day experience of life. This is truly CBD for the active lifestyle....

Quality CBD and Side Effects of CBD Oil

As interest in CBD’s benefits hasgrown, so has interest in its potential side effects. Overwhelmingly, research and studies show cannabidiol (CBD) oil to be safe, non-toxic, and very well tolerated even in high doses. CBD’s list of side effects is quite short.

How Does CBD Work

This is not a simple question. There are a wide range of factors which contribute towards how quickly CBD will take to work. To begin with, it’s the symptom that you are trying to get rid of that defines the onset of action of CBD.

The Competitive Edge

Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining popularity as a nutritional staple because the physical benefits are real and noticeable. When CBD is introduced as a daily nutrient, physical performance is enhanced: the metabolism and the muscles can feel a real difference, and recovery with CBD seems to come more easy. 

7 tips to living healthy

A healthy lifestyle is more than buying the latest fad, joining the gym or eating gumba root. Healthy living comes from within and works its way out. Here are 7 tips to healthy.

The Hemplucid Difference

Hemplucid is Passionate about CBD extremely passionate. For us, Hemplucid is not just a job and not just a company. This is part of a historic movement, much bigger than just us. Is that an exaggeration? No. We don't think so. We're riding this wave as it rolls over...

What is CBD Oil

When trying to understand the differences between hemp and marijuana, it is important to realize that both come from the same species, Cannabis.

CBD and Yoga for the Body

Julia Waterman “My favorite to use is the water soluble and the body butter. The water soluble kicks in right as I’m about to start a practice. The body butter takes a little longer, but has helped to target my specific injured areas. I can literally feel it relaxing...

Good Vibrations

We want people to clearly see their own power, and connect ever more deeply with it. It’s important, for the healthy balance of our own minds and bodies, that we make a strong effort to put out the crunchy “good vibes”. Hemplucid’s line of CBD products can help to...

A Family Tragedy

“I’ve got to reach Mount ZION!” –Bob Marley, This is probably my favorite moment in all of Bob Marley’s discography, from the song “Duppy Conqueror”. He shouts it! He really means it. It’s a beautiful sentiment. Bob felt the need to climb spiritually higher and find...

Embracing the Mystery

Despite our impressive technology, humans are still very much a part of nature. That has not changed, though sometimes, these days, we get caught up in technology, entertainment, and news media; we overlook or forget the long history of our species. We are not...

cigarettes legal

People are beginning to question the all inclusive Schedule I Drug classification placed on the entire cannabis Sativa species.To be a classified as a Schedule I drug a substance must have:1. A HIGH ABUSE POTENTIAL2. NO SCIENTIFICALLY SUPPORTED MEDICAL USE3. SEVERE...

5 Reasons CBD should be easily accessible

Hemp has a rightful place on the shelf in every grocery store, health food store, gas station, and apothecary in the United States. Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp is non-addictive, non-intoxicating, and has an exemplary safety profile. This has been confirmed in preliminary studies by the World Health Organization, who intend to study this substance more robustly in 2018.

2018: The Year of Intention

There are hundreds of useful herbs and spices in the world. Plants have continuously provided delicious, aromatic foods that have enriched human life for thousands of years. Our kitchen cabinets are full of these spices. We take for granted these healthy herbs that...

Creating Peace

The 3-minute long video below says it better than I’ve been able to write it. It’s not that I mean to share religious content, it’s just that there’s a good lesson in “Buddha of Oakland” about using creative solutions to help the world. We’re all in this together, and...

Remove the Fear from Your CBD Purchases

WHEN IT COMES TO CBD, PURITY & SOURCE MATTERS The CBD industry is quickly becoming inundated with companies looking to make a quick buck by supplying poor quality CBD oil from unreliable manufacturers. The CBD oil market is still young, making it challenging for...

10 Tips for Managing Stress this Holiday Season

10 TIPS FOR THE STRESS OF THE HOLIDAYS The holiday season can be extremely stressful–loads of responsibilities, obligations, driving in the snow or rain, cooking and cleaning, entertaining less-than-perfectly-welcome guests– the list goes on. It’s the most wonderful...

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