Our name and logo are special to us and were designed to highlight WHY and HOW we operate. The P highlighted by the drop reminds us of our PROMISE to PRODUCE PURE PRODUCTS that help people ‘Experience Life Again’.

We believe lucidity builds a community of trust. It’s within that community we thrive. We have made a conscious choice to be LUCID in everything we do. That is why LUCID is part of our name and why the drop in our logo allows the letter P to show through the drop.

We promise we will never hide any information from our customers.

Our Strategy

Always maintain a clear VISIONLUCID actions, and SYNERGISTIC partnerships.

Our Philosophy

Honest EDUCATION coupled with quality PRODUCTS develops a self-aware, healthy, forward thinking COMMUNITY.

Our Vision

Bringing hope to those who have been waiting to  ‘EXPERIENCE LIFE AGAIN’ by providing the natural health benefits of the hemp plant.  

 Our Difference

There are countless CBD products out there, so why choose Hemplucid?

Not all CBD or CBD companies are created equal. Hemplucid has a passion for optimal health and guarantees the highest levels of safety and quality in our products. We also believe in providing lucid information about hemp to allow everyone to make educated decisions regarding their health. There are too many companies claiming that hemp can heal anything under the sun. We are not that type of company. 

We are not in the business of making a quick buck. Many companies will rise and fall in an attempt to cash in on what they see as an overnight fad. Instead, we believe in the vitality of the hemp industry and we want to make sure it is around forever. As the industry changes, we promise to pass on any savings we experience to continue providing our customers with valuable information and affordable, high-quality products.

Our Benefits


Hemplucid only uses USA certified organic farms and USA extractors to grow and process our ingredients. We are proud to say our hemp plants originate in Colorado, the USA cannabis leader, for access to experienced growers and an excellent level of quality control.

Genetically Superior

After nearly a decade of selective breeding, we’ve developed a hemp strain that’s rich in terpenes, boasts high CBD concentrations, and offers a robust array of secondary cannabinoids. The full therapeutic profile of our genetically superior hemp is present in each of our products.


Super-critical CO2 extraction is a safe, solvent-free hemp extraction method that results in higher quality oils and leaves terpene profiles intact for a full and natural flavor. Our ingredients are carefully selected with strict quality control standards. Hemplucid products are always pesticide-free and contain no trans fats, synthetic ingredients, or artificial additives.

Customer Care

Our phone lines are always open during business hours, and we’re thrilled to help you navigate all things CBD. It’s not about selling our product, it’s about helping you find the answers you need to make educated decisions around hemp and your personal health. Give us a call at 385-203-8556 and let us know how we can help you!

Third Party Testing

We openly publish an up-to-date CoA (Certificate of Analysis) for every product batch we sell. Lot numbers are printed on each product so you can easily find test results right on our website. QR codes are printed on our packaging that will direct you to the lot code page when scanned.


We aim to match and exceed state and federal regulations. Hemplucid self-regulates to ensure each product hits our mark of quality and keeps within legal boundaries. We are dedicated to creating a solid foundation to help people Experience Life Again!

 Our Products

At Hemplucid, we believe transparency is key. Our CBD is derived from domestically grown hemp using the safest extraction methods to produce an ultra-refined, full-spectrum extract. You’ll not only see the difference in the presentation of our clear bottles, but you’ll also feel it. We believe in clear products, clean ingredients, and pure health.

From day one, we have been dedicated to US farmers and the integrity of the hemp plant. When other companies were going overseas to purchase hemp, we were committed to supporting the farming economy in the United States. We believe that if more US companies bought local hemp products, the doors would open to bringing back hemp as a valuable staple in the US crop economy.

Meet the Team

Each member of the Hemplucid team comes from a different background and has a unique story to tell. We are a tribe where everyone is valued, and all of us have a voice that is heard. Much like the synergy found in the hemp plant, each member of our team plays a vital role in creating a synergy that is essential to the health of our company.

Chase Hudson

President | Founder


Talyn Stratton

CEO | Founder



Dave Warwick



Mike May



 Operations | Information Technology

Nathan Beckham

COO | Founder


Britton Beckham

Director of Technology | Software



Director of Infrastructure | Systems

Production | Warehouse

Bryce Hays

Operations Director


Ron Ostler



Sarah Balboa

Lab Director and Educator


Seante Williams



Brandon Orgill

Warehouse Manager


Marvin HIFO



Account Strategists | Wholesale

Tyler Hatch

Sales Director


Nash Fowler

Account Strategist
385-203-8556 ext. 3001


Nick Van Why

Account Strategist
385-203-8556 ext. 3000

Nick Ozuna

 Account Strategist
385-203-8556 ext. 3003


Orion Beckham

Account Strategist
385-203-8556 ext. 1031


Kyle Hancock

Account Strategist
385-203-8556 ext. 1033


Lauren Metzger

Executive Assistant / Events Coordinator


Renae Van Why

National Educator


Customer Care 

Saryn Stratton

Customer Care Manager | Founder


Julia Waterman

Customer Care Specialist


Vanessa Morales

Quality Assurance Manager


Heidi Granzini

Customer Care


Robby Miner 

Customer Care


Clark Donaldson

Customer Care



Morgan Donaldson

Content Manager


Cammon Randle

Videographer | Photographer


Wes Curtin

Web Manager | Content Specialist