Our Why
Throughout history the marijuana plant has been viewed and utilized in several cultures as a plant of healing. However, due to recreational abuse of marijuana in the past years, the benefits of the healing properties (CBD) of the plant has been hidden behind the fear of the psychoactive part of the plant (THC).

We are excited that CBD is back on top of the health debate platform. Hemplucid feels a healing plant like this should not be withheld from the public due to government rulings, big PHARMA control, or a misinformed, fearful public. Hemplucid is comprised of passionate individuals that are dedicated to providing clean Hemp CBD products free from THC while being transparent and educating people about the clear benefits that our product provides!

Hemplucid has disrupted the industry by utilizing innovative genetics and better technology to raise the bar, bringing a new standard of Hemp CBD products to the market. Hemplucid does not hide behind amber colored bottles. We proudly display the quality of our products in clear packaging so our customers can see the quality for themselves.

With Hemplucid products, you will come to experience life again!