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Become part of a revolution that is healing the world.

By becoming a Hemplucid affiliate you are becoming part of something bigger. The reintroduction of the amazing benefits of the hemp plant is changing the world. If you have been doing your research you are seeing what hemp can do not only for health but for the economy. Join us for this adventure. You’ll enjoy the stories your friends share about how you and Hemplucid have drastically changed their lives.


Payout on every order you referred.

Hemplucid has the highest payouts, at 20% commission on all retail sales, with payments made every month to affiliate partners.


Support from Hemplucid. When you win we win.

When you succeed, we succeed, that’s why we are constantly providing our affiliates with the needed education regarding cannabinoids and their benefits.


Quality hemp products that you wont be ashamed of.

Hemplucid is dedicated to our clients and the amazing benefits of the hemp plant. That is why we use only the best ingredients and processing for our products.

Have Questions about the Hemplucid Affiliate Program?

We have seen so much success with our products we want to share them with the world. We believe that education is the best way to do this. If you are still unsure about hemp products or joining the affiliate program please don’t hesitate and give us a call.


Our commitment to you.

Hemplucid is committed to providing lucid product, information, and relationships. This is based on the belief we have formed that transparency is always the best policy. If you feel in any way we are not holding up to our promise to be lucid please let us know. We appreciate your willingness to keep us honest as a business and as people.

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