What to Look for in CBD Products

A few things that might interest you about Hemplucid.

Your CBD Education is Important

The future of hemp is dependent on the knowledge of the people who are selling it. Hemplucid is committed to educating the market with quality hemp information. That is why we provide Hemplucid University to all of our resellers and customers.

Get to know our testing reports

Hemplucid knows following regulations of the different governing bodies in this industry is vital for our business success, and protects our customers and resell vendors. That is why our products are tested every step of the way.

We are loved by our Home State

Though Utah is considered a very conservative state, the people here have come to love us. We work hard to remove the stigma around cannabis as we participate to help change laws and educate people regarding the benefits and proper usage of these amazing products.

Why We Choose Not to Make Claims

Instead of selling you on what you already know, we want to share the many ways Hemplucid stays true to the benefits of the hemp plant so you can experience life again.

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