By Jared Ballard, Branding Director
11:00 pm, Monday, July 9, 2018

This article was written to lay out the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in which an entity becomes a re-seller.

Distribution Channel Terminology

  • Manufacturer: Entity that makes products.
  • Supplier: Entity that buys products from a manufacturer to re-sell to Distributors or Retailers.
  • Distributors: Entity that buys products from supplier or manufacture, warehouses them, and marks prices up to re-sells them to retailers stores.
  • Retailers: A business or person that buys from a supplier or distributor and marks up products to sells to the end consumer.
  • End Consumers: A purchaser of a good or service in retail.

Steps to Approve a Re-seller

Step 1: Client Fills Out the online Application

The client will click on the ‘Become a Re-seller’ found in the footer navigation of
  • By clicking the’Become a Re-seller’ link in the footer the client will be redirected to
  • The client can read more about becoming a Hemplucid re-seller. When the client clicks the ‘Register Today’ button found on the page they will be directed to where the WordPress / Woocommerce re-seller application form is located. After filling out the WordPress form both WordPress ”user’ and Hubspot’s ‘Contact’ section will be populated and the client account will be created.
  • The client will be informed that:

“Once you have filled out the application click the ‘Submit’ button. This will submit the application and Hemplucid will then review your account. When you have been approved the Re-sell Support Manager (RSM) personally call you within 48 hours to notify you to answer any questions and help you place your first order.”

Step 2 – RSM Will Be Notified Through Gmail:

A notification will be sent to the Hemplucid Re-sell Support Manager (RSM) in Google making them aware that a client has filled out an application to become a Hemplucid Re-seller.

Set up a filter in Gmail for the following:
From: HubSpot <[email protected]>
Subject: You’ve been assigned the task “New Pending Wholesaler”



Step 3 – RSM will locate client in WordPress / Woocommerce:

The RSM will then login to the backend of the Hemplucid WordPress / Woocommerce website and click on the ‘Users’ link in the website admin left-hand navigation. Locate the entity that applied to become a re-seller by typing their name into the ‘Search User’ section to the right of the page and then click the ‘Search Users’ Button.



Once the RSM has located the client they will hover over the ‘Username’ and click the ‘Edit’ link.


Step 4 – RSM will Call Client to Verify Info and Close a Sale:

Hemplucid’s main core value is Lucidity. For this reason, ALL applying re-sell accounts will be contacted personally. It takes a little more time but we believe this extra effort will make a lasting impression on our re-sell clients. While on the phone with these potential re-sell clients it is our job to verify all their information. Including address (Billing and physical), phone, email, contact name, Hemplucid rep/owner, website and tax ID (make sure that you input the information you collected in the proper sections of the ‘Users’ page of WordPress/woo commerce). Hemplucid requires that we understand their potential purchase behavior and where they will be selling our products (brick and mortar / online). If the potential re-sell client will be selling online the RSM will ask them to provide Hemplucid with the URL of the property(ies) they intend to sell Hemplucid products.

Step 5 – Change Client role to Wholesale Buyer

Once the RSM has called, verified and collected all needed information from the applying re-sell entity the RSM will scroll down to the bottom of the WordPress/woo commerce ‘users’ page to the ‘User Role’ Section and select the proper ‘role’ for the approved entity. Once user role is selected the RSM will click the ‘Update User’ button. At this point, all the changes will be saved and the entity will now be considered a re-sell client.


NOTE: Once the RSM has associated an entity with a ‘role’ the client will be able to log in to and see the prices that are correlated with their particular role. The newly approve re-sell client will also be able to check out online at that time.

Once the client’s role has been changed in WooCommerce that role change will be automatically changed in Hubspot.

Step 6 – RSM Will Ask for a Sale

While the client is on the phone the RSM will invite them to place an order.

Before closing the conversation with the potential re-sell client the RSM will let them know that an email will be sent to them containing the ‘Re-seller Agreement’ to help them as they partner with Hemplucid to make their re-sell experience a positive one. The agreement also contains the Credit Card Authorization form.

NOTE: The purchase requirement to become a wholesaler is $500 per order and to become a distributor it is $3,000. If the client purchases while on the phone let them know that in order to place additional orders they must send in their Re-Seller Agreement.

If the client would like to order while RSM is on the phone with them refer to ‘MANUAL ORDER PROCESS SOP

Step 7 – Send Re-seller Agreement from Hubspot:

  • RSM will then login to Hubspot and locate the client in ‘Contacts’ and click the ‘Create Document’ button in the PandaDoc widow under clients name.
  • Once RSM is in PandaDocs the ‘New Document’ window will open. RSM will select the folder ‘Hemplucid Wholesale Application’  and then click on the ‘Hemplucid Wholesale Agreement’ file.
  • The next window the RSM will need to assign ‘people to roles’ changing the client role by selecting a name from the drop down to the name of the client you wish to send the agreement to. Click the start editing button.
  • All tokens will be assigned to the client as long as the all the client fields are filled out in Hubspot. Click the ‘Send’ button.
  • A ‘Send Document’ will open click the ‘Save and Continue’ button.
  • An email client will open giving you the opportunity to write a quick note to your client.
  • Click ‘Send Document’ button. The document will be sent to the client.

View sample Re-seller Agreement