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March 21, 2019

Utah Cann is an annual Cannabis Business Conference and Expo where attendees can learn more about important issues related to cannabis. Utah Cann 2019 will take place May 10-11th.

Prior to the main event, City Weekly hosted a Utah Cann networking event on March 19th in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“That Was Then, This Is Now”

March 19th, 2019 — The room was filled with overwhelming positivity, good food, great people, a few drinks, and a shared passion for cannabis. Representatives from various facets of the cannabis community gathered to discuss the current state of cannabis in Utah. The event was titled as a reference to decades of cannabis prohibition: “that was then, this is now.”

John Saltas, founder of City Weekly, Joel Smith, and Carrie Mae delivered a strong introduction on the stigmatization of cannabis in Utah and the United States as a whole.

That was then, this is now.

Chase Hudson, Hemplucid CEO

“Never thought I would see the day we saw medical marijuana in Utah,” Chase said after taking the mic. “But here we are sponsoring an event and speaking about it now. There is a movement happening in our country and in our state. The observational reality of the suffering in our world is disgusting. Everyone has a family member or friend that is suffering.”

Hemplucid was started four years ago in Orem, Utah. The company was built on two fundamentals: purpose and genetics. “We have a unique genetic. We’re a purpose-driven company. A lot of people are suffering and we are on a mission to create a community to end the suffering.”

Before Hemplucid, Chase spent ten years fighting fires and running emergency management services (EMS). “My awakening moment,” he said. “We responded to a lady who needed to go to the hospital.” They arrived to find a frail 90-year-old woman at the back of the house.

When he asked for her medications, Chase was handed a grocery bag filled with over 20 different prescription bottles. The amount of suffering he saw there was where he drew the line.

“…Unchecked pharmaceuticals are what is destroying us. Utah voters voted for this (Prop 2). It’s very humbling,” Chase continued. “This movement takes a lot of energy. Thank you to Utah Cann for hosting these meetings. I’m proud of you all for being here.”

“We’re climbing a big mountain, all of us together.”


“BLAM” Panel – Business, Legal, Agricultural, Medical

Steve Urquhart was first to take the mic on a panel of guest speakers. He was a member of the Utah House of Representatives (2001-2008) and the Utah Senate (2009-2016). Now that he’s out, he tries to keep them honest, saying we need to “take the lead.”

Nathan Beckham, Hemplucid COO was asked about the company’s beginnings and his thoughts on the future of cannabis in Utah. “After a lot of research in 2014, we found there were routes to take to offer a whole-plant CBD in Utah. The benefits of cannabinoids will gain more research and there are products from cannabis to be made for every industry.”

On the topic of Utah’s future, Nathan said, “Here in Utah, we have some of the best manufacturing for supplements on the planet. The economic benefit to Utah will be amazing.”

Tom Paskett, Former Policy Director at TRUCE is helping people navigate the complexity of Utah’s Prop 2 compromise. He spoke on the growth of hemp in Utah and Utah’s potential to become a leader in hemp production in the US.

Smitha Sadiq, MD has firsthand experience with the opioid epidemic plaguing Utah. She specializes in caring for hospitalized patients with multiple ailments and is passionate about offering alternative options to opiates. “We need more tools in our toolbox.”

Michael Baghoomian, co-founder of Muscle MX topical CBD products also has an optimistic outlook on the potential of cannabis in Utah. “The CBD and cannabis economy will continue to grow.”

Join Us at Utah Cann 2019

Hemplucid was thrilled to sponsor this networking event, and we’re looking forward to the main convention on May 10-11th.

Utah Cann 2019 is Utah’s second annual Cannabis Business Conference and Expo.

Topics covered at Utah Cann 2019:

  • Important issues related to cannabis
  • Health benefits
  • Shifting political landscape
  • Business opportunities
  • Scientific and financial trends
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • and more

If you’re local to Utah (or visiting), come and meet the Hemplucid team at Utah Cann 2019!


Read more about CBD, hemp, and healthy living on our blog.

Written By: Morgan Donaldson

Morgan is a content writer at Hemplucid, enjoys books more than breathing, and has been published in Utah Cannabis Magazine. He’s a firm believer in the potential of hemp as a sustainable resource and its role in promoting a balanced lifestyle.

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