The Competitive Edge

April 3, 2018

Hemplucid has been amazingly helpful in my sleep and recovery.

Kaytlin C Neil

Pro MMA Fighter

Physical and Mental Health CBD Benefits

Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining popularity as a nutritional staple because the physical benefits are real and noticeable. When CBD is introduced as a daily nutrient, physical performance is enhanced: the muscles are soothed and recovery seems to come more easily.

Hemplucid is in contact with a number of professional athletes who routinely use our cannabinoid products as an exercise aid.

Our CBD oils have been a game-changer for our most physically active friends and customers.

CBD qualities make it a useful, versatile tool for physical and mental health. We have seen people mentally benefit from CBD. We have seen people physically benefit from CBD.

THE CBD Advantage

An enormous amount of performance happens in the mental space.

To be a monster in the ring, you have to trust your body.

Some of the best motivational books in print have dealt with the mental side of sports. Zen and the Art of Archery, and The Inner Game of Tennis are great resources for any athlete attempting to gain an edge over their opponents. Or check out the movie Moneyball, which demonstrates the advantages gained by data.

The mental edge is valuable. There’s a way to improve your chances of winning. Competitors and fighters think about life at the most extreme levels. They think about the way they move, they think about the way they breathe. Elite athletes deeply understand physics.

In the case of our athletes, we honor their absolute dedication to their courses. They are upstanding members of the community and stellar examples of knowledge in action. They teach and speak the truth and practice what they preach.

We compete and cooperate, we gain experience, and we can implement mental tools that benefit our daily performance. What’s the main goal? Lucidity.

More focus, more intensity, just plain MORE.

Seante Williams

Ex-NFL, Pro MMA, Personal Trainer

Sweet Relief Produced with CBD

It is necessary to BE HERE NOW. That’s the reality of life. We’re all performers on a stage when you really think about it.

Life happens to you. You must be at the top of your game if success will be secured. There is no excusing yourself from the challenges of life.

Your mind is like a magnifying glass. Unfocused, or distracted, the light and power will be diffused through time and space. When the mind is able to focus intensely, it creates a radiant power than can transform physical reality. Experience the peace that comes from feeling yourself improve. Experience CBD to feel the subtle, yet profound help that it gives.

Be at your best

Seante is in the gym every day. THAT’S the first competitive edge.

But I have the good fortune of knowing Seante. I get access to his mind. This guy is a wealth of knowledge. That’s the second competitive edge. He knows what he is talking about.

Seante is sought out as a personal trainer because he has a high sports IQ. He transforms his clients with nutritional plans and personalized strategies. His years of experience show in the gym.

Seante is a teddy bear that is nicknamed “the predator.” On the field, he earned his name. You do not want to be on the opposing team when Seante is in the game. When he’s in the ring, better not be there with him.

CBD helps me to be in tune with my body and creates an overall balance

Julia Waterman

Yoga, Pilates, Jiu Jistu

The Mental Edge OF CBD

You are the expert on your life, and the architect. Your conscious perception of reality is the pen with which you write your story.

Mainstream culture tends to reduce life down to the narrowest elements, in a simple-to-digest (sometimes not so simple-to-digest) little pill.

You are big and strong. You are powerful. You are brilliant. You can take the challenges because you are 60 feet tall.

Say it! “I am big and strong. I am powerful. I am brilliant. I can take the challenges. I’m 60 feet tall.”

From these simple affirmations, your true Self emerges, powerful and beautiful.

Connect with your Self today and conquer the challenges.

CBD oil can strengthen the world. Lots of good news about hemp lately.

As we gain understanding, we can use new information to change our lives.

Written By: Tyler Hatch

Tyler Hatch is a writer from Salt Lake City, UT. His publications range from art journals to indie newspapers, and web content for several companies, including a Fortune 500 tech firm. A long-time friend of the Hemplucid founders, it was after a series of impactful family medical events that he began writing for the company in the Spring of 2017. (FYI CBD saved the day! Thanks, Hemplucid.) After the devastating loss of a loved one to the opiate epidemic, Tyler got serious about making energetic progress toward a better life and a better world.

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