Hippocrates, was a preeminent figure of Western Medicine. The Hippocratic Oath was named after him and he is somtimes referred to as “the father of medicine.”

Hippocrates made his prescription for health quite clear:“Let thy food be thy medicine.”

Can hemp oil benefit me?

How far away from that wise maxim have we moved as a society?

Reclaim Your Life

When was the last time a doctor talked with you about organic vegetable intake? Better yet when has a doctor dicussed with you the new findings of 
HEMP with its known health benefits

Most Doctors prescribe pills. The sage words from Hippocrates are suspiciously absent from modern healthcare.

Hemp products are a great resource

There have been many valuable pharmaceutical innovations in the past, drugs which have absolutely improved the baseline health of humanity. We gladly acknowledge that.


There are many pills available these days that will frequently deliver what they promise, including positive benefits sometimes. That is also true.


But the truth is that doctors and clinics seem to be pushing synthetic drugs. We must stop ignoring natural options like the hemp plant that affect the cannabinoid receptors that are found in the human endocannabinoid system.

The natural hemp plant, or cannabis plant, is caught up in red tape while man-made opioids are killing our nation.

Hemp products Bring us back to nature.

There is no substitute for Nature

What Hippocrates said nearly 2,500 years ago still holds true today. Human technology can innovate and inspire, but why is it the only solution that doctors are trained for?

What about food?

What about plants?

What about
the benefits of Hemp?

Natural Hemp Products are Beneficial

We already see government (Patent No. 6,630,507) and pharmaceutical companies securing FDA approval of CBD in pill form. They also have a synthetic THC for cancer treatment in circulation.

CBD from hemp is known even by the Government and the FDA to have therapeutic benefits.

Hemp CBD benefits have been demonstrated repeatedly in clinical studies. GW Pharmaceuticals is currently on fast-track status for a pharmaceutical CBD product, though the FDA still ventures the claim that CBD has no known value.CBD is effective, and making it more available to people is a positive and commendable thing.

Pharma is changing Natural Hemp into a Synthetic drug.

FDA requirements make Pharma change Natural CBD into a synthetic medication. GW Pharmaceuticals has isolate CBD (rather than using the whole hemp plant), packaged in a plastic pill, and they plan on selling it as an anti-epileptic, anti-convulsant, and anti-inflammatory medication at a HUGE markup. This will probably happen in 2018.

Natural Whole-Plant CBD

Hemplucid provides the real thing–a Whole-Plant™ CBD formulation— and we cannot settle for anything less.

Whole-Plant Hemp CBD Contains:

  • nutritious, therapeutic, naturally-occurring CBD,

  • protein, vitamins and minerals,

  • phytonutrients, terpenes, and a number of other cannabinoids

  • synergistic concentrations that nature intended

CBD works in combination with the other cannabinoids to produce the “entourage effect” in the endocannabinoid system. This is well documented in scientific literature.

Pharma products are not Natural

It’s worth noting that pharmaceutical pills are very rarely made from actual botanicals. In fact, the use of botanicals in pharmaceuticals is rather unusual. Using natural compounds, it becomes harder to guarantee a precise formulation, the way that synthetic, lab-created chemical compounds can be guaranteed.

When a pharmaceutical company opts to utilize botanical compounds, it typically does not last. The exact predictability of producing chemicals in the lab is attractive to the FDA.


Hemplucid Hemp CBD is Natural

Hemplucid’s Whole-Plant™ CBD products
 are subject to rigorous quality control, including batch-testing at every stoppage in the supply chain, and we absolutely guarantee the purity of our CBD Products.

When you visually inspect our products you will see nothing but goodness, like melted gold, and the benefits of the oil are even better than the look.

Side Effects of CBD

CBD doesn’t make you “high” and has very few side effects (the worst of which is a bit of drowsiness.) Testimonials galore speak to the benefits of CBD.

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