What is a CBD energy drink?

Hemplucid’s CBD energy drink, Revive CBD shooter, provides instant access to all day focus, balance, and restoration. Really, it is not a big deal. Honestly, it’s actually a very small thing. Let us explain.

CBD and nanotechnology

Hemplucid has partnered with Hydrosome Labs: a research and development company specializing in nano-sizing nutrients for human consumption. With this partnership, Hemplucid can take CBD absorption to the next level.

The entire benefits of CBD

Through a special nanotechnology process, Hemplucid takes its natural hemp cannabinoids and make them smaller. Thousands of times smaller. This process improves CBD absorption rates and amplifies the benefits.

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Nano Technology

The nano process passes nutrients through sound waves and electricity to break them down into tiny particles. These particles are thousands of times smaller than their normal size. Even though they are smaller they do not lose any benefits. Actually, it is quite opposite.  At this size they by pass the digestive system and enter quickly and completely into the blood stream and into the cells.

Let’s explain it this way…

Ok, let’s try this analogy. Hang with me for a moment. If a normal nutrient is the size of a major league baseball park. Hemplucid takes that nutrient and makes it the size of a baseball. Big difference, eh? The best part of this is that the process does not disrupt the compound makeup of the nutrient. It still provides all of the original qualities and benefits it contained. This means speedy and complete CBD absorption.

Nano Technology Makes CBD Nutrients



Bio Available



The analogy continues…

When a major league baseball park nutrient is brought into the body the hard work begins. This huge nutrient needs to break down into something the body can use. Down the esophagus it goes to the stomach, slowly breaking down this huge nutrient so it can enter into the intestines. From there, the body continues to work, breaking off small baseball size pieces of the nutrient to pass through the intestine wall and then enters into the bloodstream. A large percentage of the nutrient never breaks down small enough to be utilized by the body. The bodies duty is to “duty” out these compounds that did not get small enough to gain entrance into the bloodstream. This digestive process takes hours and only a small percentage of the nutrient will actually be utilized by the body.

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We Make It Small So Your Body Doesn’t Have To

Nanotechnology by Hydrosome Labs simply turns large nutrients small so your body doesn’t have to. This is the perfect solution for any CBD Energy Drink.

This allows Hemplucid CBD compounds to enter the body and bypass the digestive system altogether. With no need to become smaller, the entire CBD nutrient is intact and enters the bloodstream, passing through the cells wall. Once in the cells, the body takes nano CBD nutrients to needed locations throughout the body.

The entire nutrient is used. The entire thing!

Imagine the amazing results of Hemplucid coupled with nanotechnology? I have tried Hemplucid’s CBD Energy Drink and all I have to say is “wow”.

20mg of pure whole-plant hemp CBD benefits available to your body instantly. You will be impressed.

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