CBD balance is changing peoples lives and while we would like to take credit for the benefits that people experience, we know that it is the natural efficacy of the hemp plant that provides value to our lives, and to the lives of our customers. We’re grateful that we can engage in this work. Last month, we were privileged to meet Dr. Service, and to hear about his experiences with Hemplucid CBD oil. Our experience has shown that CBD provides subtle relief for a number of issues. Sometimes, subtle relief can make a huge difference in a person’s life. It was incredible to get to know Dr. Service, and to learn that his efforts with CBD have shown the same results that we have seen. We hope you enjoy the conversation we had with Dr. Service regarding CBD balance. A transcript of this video is available farther down the page. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. -Tyler and the Hemplucid Team

Achieving Balance – CBD Balance

Anson Service, Psy.D. Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Video Transcript

I’m Dr. Anson Service, I’m a clinical psychologist here in the Pacific Northwest. I am in the business of making a difference. This is our mission, motto, for our clinics. I treat a lot of people with anxiety. Most people come in with anxiety and depression. We can go through life and we can feel really good at times: the birth of a baby, graduation… We can feel poorly at times: the death of a loved one, a pet…. This is about the way we should be feeling on a daily basis, on a weekly basis. And of course, you have people who, by personality or biological makeup, they tend to be kinda on the downaward side, and then jump up from time to time. But this is what I would call normal for most people.
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Psychological Symptoms:

Anxiety, Stress, Panic attacks, Concentration problems, Depressed mood, Mood Swings, Irritability, Sadness, Excessive worrying, Less energized.

I was against any Cannabis Legalization

I had, actually, a client come in one morning, and he had been struggling with anxiety for the last few weeks, and we’d been working on a few different tools to help him bring that under control. He came in and he’s like, “Hey, I don’t feel any anxiety today.” I’m like, “That’s fantastic! What did you do?” And he pulls out a little bottle of CBD oil and he says, “I’ve got this stuff.”

I decided I’d better look a little more closely into it, and so, I got online after he left and started reading about the health benefits of CBD oil— not the THC side, but the CBD side– and I decided to go try some out myself.

Prior to this, I was a person who was very much against the legalization of cannabis product at all. What was I doing? I was perpetuating this idea that no good can come from it.

And I apologize for it. I was wrong.

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Practice what I preach

As a clinical psychologist, I try to practice what I preach, and I’m not immune to feelings of anxiety, depression, and uneasiness just like anybody out there. It is hard to find the right internal balance of life.

Since I’ve been using the CBD oil, it’s made an absolute dramatic CBD effect in my life. Also, the clients who have chosen to go and research it and get it in their lives– they’ve seen dramatic CBD effects also. I want to say, probably 100% of the people who have tried it have seen very positive effects from it.

That seems very surprising for anything.

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CBD Can Benefit All People

The beautiful thing about this is, CBD isn’t just for people who are experiencing undesirable symptoms in life. CBD can benefit all people in any facet of life- especially if you’re doing really well and you just want to do better. Almost anybody, whether you’re healthy or not, whether you’re an athlete, a CEO, a homemaker, it doesn’t matter what you have going on in your life because you have life going on. Life happens to you. You get thrown out of balance. There is no excusing yourself from the stressors of life. CBD is proving to help provide balance. True CBD balance. I would say, to somebody who’s tried CBD and maybe not tried the Hemplucid brand: you probably need to give it another shot because not all CBD is created equally. I get approached by people and friends all the time– companies as well– that want me to rep their product. I won’t because first off I don’t put my name on anything that I don’t fully believe in, and it doesn’t have hardcore research behind as well. Since I’ve been using CBD oil, it’s made an absolute dramatic effect in my life and I have found CBD balance. The clients who have chosen to go out and get it in their lives: they’ve seen dramatic effects,  also achieving

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