A New Way of Thinking about Cannabidiol (CBD)

June 22, 2017

Cannabis is becoming a topic of conversation. It is time to educate yourself regarding cannabis.
Cannabis has long been used for hemp fiber, for hemp oils, for medicinal purposes, and as a recreational drug. Industrial hemp products are made from cannabis plants selected to produce an abundance of fiber.


CBD (cannabidiol), a cannabis compound, is rapidly becoming one of the most popular foods. CBD is currently undergoing research to prove the health benefits of CBD. In addition to the “Green Revolution” in the Western United States, a wide variety of clinical studies have also helped shift the conversation about cannabis.



In the past the cannabis plant has been stigmatized, and treated as “evil” in the national dialogue. 
Reefer Madness
 painted a caricatured picture of cannabis that the facts simply did not support.

Recently, many influential doctors in the mainstream have advocated for CBD specifically, and medical cannabis generally. Independent polling routinely demonstrates that a hearty majority of voters in the United States favor legalizing cannabis for its many medicinal uses.



We will need to remove the social stigma and institutional misperceptions of the past. New information can help us make better-informed decisions about our personal health. 

The cannabis plant has been an important agricultural staple for thousands of years.

Being used for its hemp fiber, oils, medicines, and foods. Hemp has gained varying levels of interactions with human civilizations, socially and economically, for generations. It has only been in the recent past that the cannabis plant has been purposely demonized by moneyed interests.

The DIFFERENCE Between Marijuana and Hemp

Cannabis is a genus of flowering plant in the family Cannabaceae, with three species of offspring.

  • Sativa – Tends to grow taller and thinner. Sativa strains tend to have long leaves with thin long blades. The buds of Sativa strains are likely to be long, sausage-shaped flowers.
  • Indica – Tends to grow shorter and bushier. Indica strains tend to have wide, short leaves with short wide blades. The buds of Indica strains tend to be wide, dense and bulky.
  • Ruderalis – very short and produces only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Each species has a unique profile of compounds which have numerous effects.

The most famous of these compounds is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which produces the well-known psychoactive effect. Certain cannabis strains have been bred for generations intending to maximize the presence of this compound.

Cannabis with high levels of THC has been classified as marijuana. Since the early 1930’s marijuana has been criminalized. It was named with an exotic-sounding alternative to produce fear and uncertainty.

Similarly, certain species and strains have been bred with a low level of THC. These plants are called hemp. Hemp has been bred with an eye toward minimizing the presence of psychoactive characteristics and instead focus on accentuating the presence of CBD or one of the other 30+ cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant.

Hemp crops are becoming tremendously valuable worldwide. We still fight a battle resulting from the propaganda campaigns that have convinced generations that cannabis is dangerous. 

Hemp is beneficial to a healthy lifestyle

  • Hemp contains none of the mind-altering characteristics of the marijuana cannabis.
  • Hemp is useful as a textile fiber, and in the production of thousands of different products.
  • Hemp oil is one of the healthiest oils on the planet.
  • Hemp is known to be the best source of all the essential fatty acids and all three Omega’s.
  • Hemp contains some important amino acids, including GHA, which is usually only found in mother’s milk. 

CBD Health Benefits

Of particular interest is the high amount of cannabidiol (CBD) in hemp. This important chemical compound is what makes cannabis-based extracts one of the best natural products to complement wellness. 

CBD is well-known for enhancing calm and promoting sleep. Hemp is gaining prestige as being terrific for muscle recovery and as a beneficial staple for general wellness.

Those who have discovered CBD products made from hemp are raving about the benefits.

Written By: Jared Ballard

Jared Ballard is a father, husband, son, and friend. There is not much to him except his passion for people and a willingness to help those in need. If you need more credentials I am sorry to say he is just that simple.

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