CBD Oil for Dogs – How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

January 23, 2019

Near and far, you’re sure to hear talk of the budding hemp industry and the many benefits of hemp-derived CBD (aka cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid). You may even see CBD treats or bottles of CBD oil for dogs hitting your local pet stores.

Is this just another health trend pawing for a spot in an ever-growing market of pet wellness products, or is there something more to it?

Let’s discuss the safety of CBD pet products and what you need to know before giving your furry friend hemp-derived CBD.

Can I Give My Dog CBD Oil?


CBD has an amazing safety profile and most animals only need small amounts to see positive results.

But don’t grab just any CBD oil for your dogs.

A surge of hemp-derived products made for pets are entering the market, and knowing what to look for can feel a bit overwhelming.

The best CBD for dogs stays true to the natural composition of the hemp plant, offering a full range of therapeutic cannabinoids and rich terpenes. This also means you’ll find trace levels of THC.

Is THC Safe for Dogs?

High levels of THC can be toxic to dogs, however, the trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) found in high-quality hemp CBD oil is nowhere near enough to cause harm. 

In fact, other trace cannabinoids like THC combined with CBD can create a beneficial synergy known as the Entourage Effect.

These cannabinoids work together with CBD to and have a greater impact on the endocannabinoid system (we’ll get to that shortly).

So, yes. THC can be perfectly safe for dogs, especially in the small amounts present in CBD oil. Just keep your pups away from any cannabis edibles or oils with high THC content to avoid toxicity.

Dogs & The Endocannabinoid System

Cannabinoids found in hemp-derived products offer therapeutic effects by interacting with a system of receptors in our bodies called the Endocannabinoid System (or ECS for short).

We experience the benefits of CBD thanks to this widespread system of receptors that stems across our central and peripheral nervous systems.

And great news—our dogs have this system as well!

The ECS plays a major role in regulating essential body functions, mood, sleep patterns, appetite and generally keeps physiological processes in balance.

This system is found in humans, dogs, and virtually every other living creature on earth.

Choosing the Right CBD Products

With every industry boom comes a wave of sub-par products with cheap labels and cheaper ingredients.

It may sound obvious, but not all CBD oil for dogs is created equal.

How do you spot the alpha when surrounded by a pack of CBD mutts?

Look for All-Natural Ingredients

Our pets are a part of our family and they deserve only the best. Before considering a product, check the supplement facts. There’s no reason you should have to settle for a product with artificial flavorings or ingredients.

Your best bet is to purchase CBD oil free of pesticides and artificial ingredients.

Check Test Results

Reliable brands have third-party testing done on all hemp-derived CBD products. These tests should be readily available to the public. You have a right to know exactly what’s in your pet’s CBD oil.

You should be able to find tests for bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and cannabinoid content. Testing for terpene profiles is also a common practice.

Find test results online, or by scanning the QR code on your CBD product.


“For over 5 years I could never take Siren for a car ride. It would stress her out. I used Roxy Pets once and oh my gosh! Now she runs to the car. What a difference.”
Siren's Owner -<br /> Mini American Eskimo

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

If you’re interested in giving your dog CBD, you may be wondering just how much you should give them. It is by no means an exact science, but servings are generally estimated by a pet’s weight.

It may be necessary to experiment a little to find the right strength and the best frequency of use for your pet.

The charts below list what we’ve found to be the most beneficial doses when using Roxy Pets CBD. These are general guidelines we follow and won’t be 100-percent accurate for every animal.

These graphics show the same servings measured in droppers for 100mg and 300mg bottles.


100mg bottles of Roxy Pets CBD:



300mg bottles of Roxy Pets CBD:


Start on the low end and look for any changes in your pet’s behavior. Changes usually occur within 30 minutes. If your pet seems unaffected after an hour, try increasing their serving size.

Every pet is different and may require amounts that vary from the guidelines above.

Whole-Plant CBD – The Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Roxy Pets CBD for dogs was developed in memory of Hemplucid founder Chase Hudson’s best friend and loyal companion, Roxy.

This dog-focused formulation is made with Hemplucid’s Whole-Plant, full-spectrum CBD bonded to a hemp seed oil. Natural chicken flavor is added, so even picky pups will sit, shake, and roll over for their next Roxy Pets treat.

Roxy Pets also provides a CBD line for cats bonded to healthy fish oil. Both flavors can be given to dogs or cats, depending on their preference.

Give your pets the gift of balance, relaxation, and an increased sense of well-being.


“My Siberian husky and my Newfoundland husky mix are high strung. This combined with their size made it difficult to take them out in public. Roxy Pets made a huge difference for them and for me!”
Mauka and Kubo's Owner -<br /> Siberian Husky and Newfoundland Husky

Written By: Morgan Donaldson

Morgan is a content writer at Hemplucid, enjoys books more than breathing, and has been published in Utah Cannabis Magazine. He’s a firm believer in the potential of hemp as a sustainable resource and its role in promoting a balanced lifestyle.

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