CBD Energy Drink

CBD Energy Drink

What is a CBD energy drink?

Hemplucid’s CBD energy drink, Revive CBD shooter, provides instant access to all day focus, balance, and restoration. Really, it is not a big deal. Honestly, it’s actually a very small thing. Let us explain.

CBD and nanotechnology

Hemplucid has partnered with Hydrosome Labs: a research and development company specializing in nano-sizing nutrients for human consumption. With this partnership, Hemplucid can take CBD absorption to the next level.

The entire benefits of CBD

Through a special nanotechnology process, Hemplucid takes its natural hemp cannabinoids and make them smaller. Thousands of times smaller. This process improves CBD absorption rates and amplifies the benefits.

Nano Technology

The nano process passes nutrients through sound waves and electricity to break them down into tiny particles. These particles are thousands of times smaller than their normal size. Even though they are smaller they do not lose any benefits. Actually, it is quite opposite.  At this size they by pass the digestive system and enter quickly and completely into the blood stream and into the cells.

Let’s explain it this way…

Ok, let’s try this analogy. Hang with me for a moment. If a normal nutrient is the size of a major league baseball park. Hemplucid takes that nutrient and makes it the size of a baseball. Big difference, eh? The best part of this is that the process does not disrupt the compound makeup of the nutrient. It still provides all of the original qualities and benefits it contained. This means speedy and complete CBD absorption.

Nano Technology Makes CBD Nutrients



Bio Available



The analogy continues…

When a major league baseball park nutrient is brought into the body the hard work begins. This huge nutrient needs to break down into something the body can use. Down the esophagus it goes to the stomach, slowly breaking down this huge nutrient so it can enter into the intestines. From there, the body continues to work, breaking off small baseball size pieces of the nutrient to pass through the intestine wall and then enters into the bloodstream. A large percentage of the nutrient never breaks down small enough to be utilized by the body. The bodies duty is to “duty” out these compounds that did not get small enough to gain entrance into the bloodstream. This digestive process takes hours and only a small percentage of the nutrient will actually be utilized by the body.

We Make It Small So Your Body Doesn’t Have To

Nanotechnology by Hydrosome Labs simply turns large nutrients small so your body doesn’t have to. This is the perfect solution for any CBD Energy Drink.

This allows Hemplucid CBD compounds to enter the body and bypass the digestive system altogether. With no need to become smaller, the entire CBD nutrient is intact and enters the bloodstream, passing through the cells wall. Once in the cells, the body takes nano CBD nutrients to needed locations throughout the body.

The entire nutrient is used. The entire thing!

Imagine the amazing results of Hemplucid coupled with nanotechnology? I have tried Hemplucid’s CBD Energy Drink and all I have to say is “wow”.

20mg of pure whole-plant hemp CBD benefits available to your body instantly. You will be impressed.

Achieving Balance – Video

Achieving Balance – Video

CBD balance is changing peoples lives and while we would like to take credit for the benefits that people experience, we know that it is the natural efficacy of the hemp plant that provides value to our lives, and to the lives of our customers. We’re grateful that we can engage in this work. Last month, we were privileged to meet Dr. Service, and to hear about his experiences with Hemplucid CBD oil. Our experience has shown that CBD provides subtle relief for a number of issues. Sometimes, subtle relief can make a huge difference in a person’s life. It was incredible to get to know Dr. Service, and to learn that his efforts with CBD have shown the same results that we have seen. We hope you enjoy the conversation we had with Dr. Service regarding CBD balance. A transcript of this video is available farther down the page. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. -Tyler and the Hemplucid Team

Achieving Balance – CBD Balance

Anson Service, Psy.D. Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Video Transcript

I’m Dr. Anson Service, I’m a clinical psychologist here in the Pacific Northwest. I am in the business of making a difference. This is our mission, motto, for our clinics. I treat a lot of people with anxiety. Most people come in with anxiety and depression. We can go through life and we can feel really good at times: the birth of a baby, graduation… We can feel poorly at times: the death of a loved one, a pet…. This is about the way we should be feeling on a daily basis, on a weekly basis. And of course, you have people who, by personality or biological makeup, they tend to be kinda on the downaward side, and then jump up from time to time. But this is what I would call normal for most people.

Psychological Symptoms:

Anxiety, Stress, Panic attacks, Concentration problems, Depressed mood, Mood Swings, Irritability, Sadness, Excessive worrying, Less energized.

I was against any Cannabis Legalization

I had, actually, a client come in one morning, and he had been struggling with anxiety for the last few weeks, and we’d been working on a few different tools to help him bring that under control. He came in and he’s like, “Hey, I don’t feel any anxiety today.” I’m like, “That’s fantastic! What did you do?” And he pulls out a little bottle of CBD oil and he says, “I’ve got this stuff.”

I decided I’d better look a little more closely into it, and so, I got online after he left and started reading about the health benefits of CBD oil— not the THC side, but the CBD side– and I decided to go try some out myself.

Prior to this, I was a person who was very much against the legalization of cannabis product at all. What was I doing? I was perpetuating this idea that no good can come from it.

And I apologize for it. I was wrong.

Practice what I preach

As a clinical psychologist, I try to practice what I preach, and I’m not immune to feelings of anxiety, depression, and uneasiness just like anybody out there. It is hard to find the right internal balance of life.

Since I’ve been using the CBD oil, it’s made an absolute dramatic CBD effect in my life. Also, the clients who have chosen to go and research it and get it in their lives– they’ve seen dramatic CBD effects also. I want to say, probably 100% of the people who have tried it have seen very positive effects from it.

That seems very surprising for anything.

CBD Can Benefit All People

The beautiful thing about this is, CBD isn’t just for people who are experiencing undesirable symptoms in life. CBD can benefit all people in any facet of life- especially if you’re doing really well and you just want to do better. Almost anybody, whether you’re healthy or not, whether you’re an athlete, a CEO, a homemaker, it doesn’t matter what you have going on in your life because you have life going on. Life happens to you. You get thrown out of balance. There is no excusing yourself from the stressors of life. CBD is proving to help provide balance. True CBD balance. I would say, to somebody who’s tried CBD and maybe not tried the Hemplucid brand: you probably need to give it another shot because not all CBD is created equally. I get approached by people and friends all the time– companies as well– that want me to rep their product. I won’t because first off I don’t put my name on anything that I don’t fully believe in, and it doesn’t have hardcore research behind as well. Since I’ve been using CBD oil, it’s made an absolute dramatic effect in my life and I have found CBD balance. The clients who have chosen to go out and get it in their lives: they’ve seen dramatic effects,  also achieving

The statements found on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Tyler Hatch is a writer from Salt Lake City, UT. His publications range from art journals to indie newspapers, and web content for several companies, including a Fortune 500 tech firm. A long-time friend of the Hemplucid founders, it was after a series of impactful family medical events that he began writing for the company in the Spring of 2017. (FYI CBD saved the day! Thanks, Hemplucid.)

After the devastating loss of a loved one to the opiate epidemic, Tyler got serious about making energetic progress toward a better life and a better world.

The Benefits of Cannabis – Hippie Culture No More

The Benefits of Cannabis – Hippie Culture No More

Some people are concerned about the cannabis plant (hemp and marijuana). Therefore they will never take the time to discover the benefits of cannabis. Every time the word cannabis is mentioned it brings to mind Woodstock, hippies, and the drug cartel.

However, every passing day, cannabis moves farther away from its troubled past. There was a day not so long ago that cannabis was associated with trouble and troublemakers. However, as our nation and world begin to look closer at this misunderstood plant we become more aware of the amazing properties of cannabis. The world is beginning to think about cannabis in a new way.

Cannabis products are becoming a familiar staple for everyday use and less familiar as a way to get “stoned”. Your local grocery stores have recently begun lining their shelves with amazing cannabis products.

These products include hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp skin care, hemp make-up, and hemp hair care.

Hemp and Marijuana are both Cannabis.

Hemp is not cannabis, you say? Well, hemp is just a different strain of cannabis. It is hemp that is reintroducing the health benefits of cannabis to the cautious public. It won’t be too long before we wonder why the entire cannabis family of plants was ever illegal at all.

Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis contains 100+ cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of those cannabinoids. CBD from hemp is helping the general public become more familiar with the cannabis family.

CBD comes from a cannabis plant. Most CBD items that are on the shelves today come from a cannabis plant called Hemp, not marijuana. The difference between hemp and marijuana is the lower cannabinoid levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contained in the cannabis strain. THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

Cannabis is considered Hemp, when it’s THC levels, are below .3%. Hemp has no psychoactive effects and is proving to have huge benefits.

Hemp CBD, with its non-threatening levels of THC, is allowing people the chance to utilize this plant into their daily lifestyle. They begin to truly experience the benefits of cannabis and see dramatic results first hand.

Science continues to discover additional benefits of cannabis, and they continue to post their findings on government sites such as the following:

Government Sites Regarding the Benefits of Cannabis.

US National Library of Medicine
National Institute of Health
National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health
National Institute on Drug Abuse


Take the time and research the above links to become educated on what Government studies are discovering.

Advancement with Hemp and Marijuana show the Benefits of Cannabis

With the advancement of cannabis studies, it will not be long until some type of cannabis will be found in medicine cabinets, pantries, or spice racks throughout homes in the United States. Every home needs CBD. At a future time, you will drive past cannabis fields like they were corn or cotton fields not thinking twice about them. You will walk into convenience stores and grab hemp seeds rather than sunflower seeds.

The cannabis future is bright. Students will be amazed as they learn in their history books  devices that this life-supporting plant and national economic crop was once restricted and criminalized. They will be shocked at the archaic and undisciplined use of pharmaceutical lethal opioids that were killing so many when cannabis was so readily available for all people.

Do yourself a favor and do some research on the benefits of CBD and Hemp plants. You will truly be amazed at your findings. If you already know the benefits, share this article. Become an advocate and change the world for those that come after you.

Athlete CBD – Improve your Grind in the Gym

Athlete CBD – Improve your Grind in the Gym

The Anti-doping agency has removed Athlete CBD off their list. This means that athletes can now enjoy the full benefits that come from CBD.

The gym is where an athlete transforms. Some are born with innate abilities that elevate them above all others, but most often, work ethic makes the difference.

An elite athlete can grind in the gym, day after day, week after week. They need to lift more, jump higher, run faster, and maneuver like a cheetah around the competition.

Recovery is vital. Soreness creates downtime, and those striving to conquer their opponents have no time for downtime

Athlete CBD – Removed from the World-Anti Doping List

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a hemp-derived compound that is becoming wildly popular for the benefits that it provides. Research is showing that CBD is an appealing option for athletes, as it assists in metabolism and muscle recovery. We strongly encourage you to spend some time researching this remarkable compound that is used for athlete CBD.

Then spend time in the weight room, putting it to the test.

We believe that you might notice a real difference.

Endocannabinoid System – and Athlete CBD

Throughout the body and the brain, a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) provides regulatory services to the body. In fact, the endocannabinoid system is thought to be the most widespread system in the body. CBD and other cannabinoids have unique interactions with nervous system cell receptors, aiding in the physical processes that your body naturally performs. The endocannabinoid system, discovered in 1991, perfectly facilitates these processes which affect nearly every function of your body, including sleep, digestion, metabolism, balance, and stress response.

Kalki CBD is formulated with athletes in mind. Ever since the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from the list of banned substances, which went into effect January 1st, 2018, CBD has been spreading like wildfire. CBD is recognized as perfectly safe, non-addictive, and helpful for athletes. Word of mouth testimonials powerfully in support of athlete CBD as an exercise aid have become commonplace. Athletes have caught the fever. The United States hemp market is growing at a staggering rate as gyms across the country are stocking this simple, yet elegant solution to soreness.

Athlete CBD could very well revolutionize sports.

An Olympic athlete could perform in their chosen event with a system full of CBD, and they would be well within the rules to do so. Future events may teach us a lot about CBD, as athletes are cleared for full use. We look forward to it. There are varying qualities of CBD available in the marketplace. It is important to inform yourself about the products that you implement into your workout. Your body is a Formula 1 racecar, and only the highest quality fuel should be used. Athlete CBD should contain no traces of THC. Have a look at our lab results from our third-party testing facility. The website for Pro Verde Labs gives a stark warning: “Unfortunately, many of the hemp-based products sold on the market have little to no Cannabidiol (CBD), falling far short of the product label claims. Making matters worse, the hemp-based extracts used as the base of these products may contain contaminants like certain molds and/or heavy metals.” Kalki should be used with extreme confidence.

Tyler Hatch is a writer from Salt Lake City, UT. His publications range from art journals to indie newspapers, and web content for several companies, including a Fortune 500 tech firm. A long-time friend of the Hemplucid founders, it was after a series of impactful family medical events that he began writing for the company in the Spring of 2017. (FYI CBD saved the day! Thanks, Hemplucid.)

After the devastating loss of a loved one to the opiate epidemic, Tyler got serious about making energetic progress toward a better life and a better world.

Introducing Kalki: CBD for the Active Lifestyle

Introducing Kalki: CBD for the Active Lifestyle

Hemplucid’s Kalki – THC FREE, CBD for the active lifestyle.

Hemplucid announces our innovative new line of cannabidiol (CBD) products that will change the way you exercise and enhance your day-to-day experience of life. This is truly CBD for the active lifestyle. Kalki is a THC-FREE CBD product.

Hemplucid’s Kalki – THC-FREE CBD for the active lifestyle.

Hemplucid announces our innovative new line of cannabidiol (CBD) products that will change the way you exercise and enhance your day-to-day experience of life. This is truly CBD for the active lifestyle. Kalki is a THC FREE CBD product.

Formulated with THC-FREE Cannabinoids 

Kalki is formulated with Isoterp™ technology, providing nutritious plant-derived compounds in addition to the known benefits of CBD. Isoterp processing consists of a multi-step process. Isolated CBD molecules have the THC cannabinoid fully stripped from the oil. However, rather than losing all the benefits of whole-plant CBD, Hemplucid has added isolated terpenes (Isoterp) back into the mix. Hemplucid’s products never compromise the nutritious qualities of hemp. Best of all for those concerned about THC, Kalki is 100% THC FREE. 

We bow in respect to the therapeutic value of the hemp plant, but we also understand that, for various reasons, people are unable to utilize products that contain trace amounts of THC. Hemplucid is here to save the day. Kalki is CBD for the active lifestyle and is completely TCH FREE. 

CBD Connects You to Your Athlete

Not only does Kalki connect athletes with WADA-approved CBD isolate (which is a fancy way of saying THC FREE CBD) it also provides them with the healing, therapeutic benefits associated with this family of plants, with no worries about THC.

In this world, a positive mindset, as well as focus, is required, and CBD connects us with our inner warrior. Power originates from within and expresses itself in the world through enlightened action.

We hope that you will connect with your own power and make today count. With Kalki supporting you in the gym, or in your daily activities, success is certain.

Hemplucid knows people are looking for THC-FREE CBD products for the Active Lifestyle. Use Kalki as a daily dietary essential to support your fitness goals. In other words, you can use Kalki with extreme confidence. We know that you are an athlete and we want to provide you the cleanest CBD available void of all trace THC.

With this in mind, please help us change how the world thinks about cannabis. Let’s reintroduce the benefits of this amazing plant in the athletic world.

Tyler Hatch is a writer from Salt Lake City, UT. His publications range from art journals to indie newspapers, and web content for several companies, including a Fortune 500 tech firm. A long-time friend of the Hemplucid founders, it was after a series of impactful family medical events that he began writing for the company in the Spring of 2017. (FYI CBD saved the day! Thanks, Hemplucid.)

After the devastating loss of a loved one to the opiate epidemic, Tyler got serious about making energetic progress toward a better life and a better world.

Quality CBD and Side Effects of CBD Oil

Quality CBD and Side Effects of CBD Oil


We will be discussing CBD oil, quality CBD and CBD side effects. Know what is common with CBD and what you can do if you are experiencing side effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant and does not cause a euphoric high nor mind-altering effect.

As interest in quality CBD’s benefits has grown, so has interest in its potential side effects. Overwhelmingly, research and studies show cannabidiol (CBD) oil to be safe, non-toxic and very well tolerated even in high doses. CBD’s list of side effects is quite short.

CBD oil side effects vary from individual to individual. Some people are much more sensitive to its effects, while others require a heavier dose in order to get the full benefits.

CBD has just a few mild side effects and does not affect the major functions of the body.


Potential, Saftey and Viability of CBD

Many people don’t experience any cannabis oil side effects whatsoever. Studies have been carried out in the last several years, and the results have been highly supportive of the potential, safety, and the viability of CBD oil. Its’ lack of serious negative side effects makes it an attractive option for supporting health.

High doses of quality CBD can be taken without negative effects. For reference, some people benefit from doses as low as 15mg.

CBD can affect the liver’s ability to process certain drugs and medications. Just as grapefruit can interact with medications, CBD can make the liver less effective at processing certain drugs. If you take any prescription medications, it’s important to talk to your doctor before combining them with quality CBD.

Lower the chances of CBD Side Effects

To help lower chances of quality CBD side effects start with a low dose and then slowly increase the dose until you achieve the most relief of symptoms with minimal side effects. 

To repeat if you are experiencing side effects, you may be using too high of a dose. In fact, if you lower your dose you will be able to find a dose that works for you, but does not produce side effects.

With CBD it is always best to use the smallest dose that works. Since the possibility of side effects increases with dosage, a smaller dose means you will have a lower chance of experiencing mild side effects sometimes associated with Clean CBD Oil.

It’s also important to talk to your doctor about any drug interactions between CBD and any medications you are currently taking. You might find that the brand of CBD is causing you some side effects because it is not quaily CBD. If this is the case please consider reading this article Synthetic CBD Know The Difference or Not All CBD is Created Equal.

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